Data on Demand with Custom Data Extraction


Use web extracted data for

Investment Analytics

Pharma Inventory

Supply Chain Efficiency

Market Trends

Travel Deals

Fundraising Prospects

Legal Insights

Real Estate Data

Weather Patterns

Travel Trends

News Monitoring

Competitive Intelligence

We’ve got you covered

Effortless Automated Data Collection

Effortless Automated Data Collection

Forage AI’s Custom Crawler simplifies data collection through Automated Configuration. Say goodbye to manual setup. Custom Crawler configures itself, saving you valuable time and effort.

Customizable Data Extraction with Enhanced Accuracy

Customizable Data Extraction with Enhanced Accuracy

Custom Crawler empowers you with control to get the data you need, accurately. Customizable Parameters –  Define exactly what you need to extract, including XPaths and cleanup functions, for custom data extraction.

Intelligent Data Processing

Intelligent Data Processing

Smart Extraction – Custom Crawler goes beyond basic scraping. Efficient processing – Our intelligent algorithms handle diverse websites with ease, minimizing errors and maximizing accuracy. Structured data extraction – Get the data you need in a clean, organized format, ready for analysis.

Enhanced Accuracy

Enhanced Accuracy

Ensure the information you receive is accurate and relevant to your analysis.

Zero-Maintenance Operation

Zero-Maintenance Operation

Automated maintenance -Our system handles updates and adjustments automatically, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention. Uninterrupted operation – Enjoy uninterrupted data extraction, ensuring you always have the data you need. Uninterrupted operation – Enjoy uninterrupted data extraction, ensuring you always have the data you need.

Streamlined data pipeline.

Streamlined data pipeline.

Custom Crawler leverages an efficient data pipeline to seamlessly manage the web crawling process, from downloading web pages to parsing and extracting valuable data. This optimized approach translates to Faster data extraction. Get the information you need quicker with our efficient pipeline. Access fresh data faster to make informed decisions without delay.

Scale Up Effortlessly with our Architecture

Scale Up Effortlessly with our Architecture

Custom Crawler’s Scalable architecture can handle Large data volumes – Our system seamlessly adapts to accommodate growing datasets, ensuring smooth operation. As your needs evolve, Custom Crawler effortlessly scales up, maintaining optimal performance.

Benefit-Driven Approach

Benefit-Driven Approach

focus on what matters – analyzing the data, not collecting it. Our system automates the entire process, freeing you to unlock valuable insights.

Easy Data Journey with Custom Crawler


Specify Your Data Needs

Tell us what data you need and in what format


Share URL

Send us the website links you need data from


Set & Go

Our automated system configuration itself to extract data you need


Data Delivered

Sit back as we deliver organized data in your preferred format


How does Custom Crawler ensure the accuracy and reliability of extracted data?
Forage AI’s Custom Crawler employs advanced algorithms and quality assurance processes to ensure data accuracy and reliability. Additionally, users can customize extraction parameters and implement validation checks to enhance data quality further
Can Custom Crawler handle data extraction from websites with complex structures or dynamic content?
What level of customization does Custom Crawler offer for configuring data extraction parameters?
How does Custom Crawler handle updates and changes to website structures or data formats?