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A business is surrounded by a forest of data. Strong leaders look for help to map a course and make sense of it all. We build a broad range of custom solutions using state-of-the-art data extraction and processing techniques.

Professional Tracker

Professional Tracker

Contact databases quickly become outdated as key professionals transition from one organization to another. However, these changes can often create exciting opportunities for your business! Keep your databases up-to-date and stay notified about changes using Professional Tracker.Professional Tracker makes it easy to harness the power of web crawling and AI to keep track of key professionals, no matter where they transition in their industry.

Table Parsing

Table Parsing

Financial documents are challenging to process due to the wide variety of table and data formats and lack of machine-readable structure within PDFs.We provide an end-to-end automated and customizable solution with high-quality output for extracting and organizing data from all types of documents.

Diff Checker

Diff Checker

Want to track your competitor’s product launches or pricing changes? Use Diff Checker to track any data point on a website that is valuable to you.Diff Checker easily monitors thousands of websites at once to help you notice changes that can impact your business.

Services Bundle

Datasets as a Service (DaaS) include Company and Prospect details, Automated Google Searches, NLP-based extraction, and more. We’re ready to bundle our services into a customized package that’s specific to your business needs.

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